AT / NMC Mullet Masterclass 2021: Northney Marina, 24th / 25th July

AT / NMC Mullet Masterclass 2021:
Northney Marina, 24th / 25th July

The Angling Trust is teaming up with the National Mullet Club at the newly launched Sea Angling Classic to hold another of their very popular Mullet Masterclasses at Northney Marina on Hayling Island in Hampshire.

Sea Angling Classic (FB)

Sea Angling Classic

As usual for anglers wishing to try mullet fishing there’ll be tips on bait, tackle and methods plus an opportunity to fish for mullet in the Marina basin and the wider harbour. Bait fishing, fly fishing and spinning will all be explored. Steve Smith and Bob Charman will provide the usual and brilliant pre-fishing teach in and other club members will be on hand to provide help and guidance to participants. Colin Macleod will provide fly fishing tuition.

The club has been given access to several pontoons and the shore all around the marina for the weekend. This is a great opportunity to build bridges and demonstrate to MDL marinas how NMC club members can happily fish within the marina without any issues.

Three links are provided below for information with further links for anglers wishing to have a go at mullet fishing to book in.

Please bear in mind this is not a club get-together and participants must take priority. NMC club members and their families are welcome to attend as there will be other events for all the family taking place over the weekend and I am sure there will be ample time for those volunteering to help to have a fish themselves.

For more details and for anglers wishing to have tuition please see the links below.

Masterclass Links:

10:00 24th July:

13:00 24th July:

10:00 25th July: